Founder & CEO

Darren Winterford


Darren Winterford, CEO and founder of EdApp, has extensive experience building mobile apps and pushing the boundaries of innovation. As a pioneer in the microlearning space, EdApp's teams, led by Darren, are established in Sydney, London, Manila, and New York. Today, the EdApp platform has a wide reach, where around 50,000 lessons are completed every day in over 90 countries around the world.

With the current focus on the democratization of learning, EdApp, together with the United Nations, have launched Educate All: An initiative to increase access to free, high-quality and impactful education around the world.

Darren is a well-rounded speaker and thought leader. He has been asked to speak at many events, including the L&D and Innovation Tech Fest conference which resulted in EdApp winning the Most Innovative award.

Our Approach

To expand EdApps reach, we worked with Darren and his team to secure podcast interviews on shows that reached their target audience.

We targeted podcasts by topic and industry vertical to influence listeners that met their two primary customer types: Enterprise and SMEs.

Although EdApp is a great fit for any business with a portion of their workforce that's not desk based, we focused on targeting audiences within their four main industries:

-> Construction
-> Manufacturing
-> Hospitality
-> Retail


WIthin the first two months of working together, the Constructed Futures podcast interview we secured for Darren generated a product demo for EdApp. This use case was for a construction company interested in using EdApp for their IT teams and employees in the field.

Shows we Booked

Here's a sample list of the shows we booked for EdApp. These podcasts all rank within the top 10% of their category meaning they have a large audience and a great reputation in their niche.