Juli Geske-Peer


Juli Geske-Peer has spent her career honing leadership and relationship skills, and she'd be the first to say she learned many lessons the hard way. Today, as president and founder of Peer Performance Solutions, she brings those hard-won lessons to her clients—helping individuals and organizations lift performance and attain their goals.

Her passion lies in making a positive impact across the stakeholders she serves, and empowering her clients to carry that same ethos forward. She has earned formal degrees in communications (BA) and organizational leadership (MA), as well as certifications in leadership, training, coaching, and mediation. Juli has over 20 years of successful consulting and management experience and has worked with companies ranging from local nonprofits to multinational organizations.

5 Senses for Success

Juli wrote the 5 Senses for Success to share her expertise in leadership, coaching, and conflict mediation to deliver unique approaches for achieving success.

Through the 5 Senses, you will learn to:

  • Value yourself and your unique goals and aspirations
  • Understand others and build meaningful bridges at work, in your home, and with everyday acquaintances
  • Become a compassionate and effective leader in any role
  • Shift damaged relationships (both personal and professional) into healthy, productive, and mutually beneficial bonds
  • Navigate difficult conversations and manage conflict with confidence and tact
  • Overcome barriers and strive for your distinct definition of success

Our Approach

In addition to getting the word out about her new book and developing new business opportunities, Juli hired us to build her reputation as an industry thought leader. Interviewing as a guest expert on podcasts was a great way to help boost her credibility.

We targeted podcasts in the leadership space with audiences of executive leaders, business owners, and training professionals. Our team secured eight high-profile podcast interviews for Juli.


"I was extremely pleased with the results! Once I hired the Marzullo Agency, I did not have to think about a thing. Not only did they find appropriate podcasts for my book content and my professional expertise, they provided introductions to the podcasters, paving the way to scheduling introductory meetings and podcast interviewing sessions. I've completed numerous podcast interviews and made excellent professional connections as a result of their work, and I will turn to them again in the future. I highly recommend the Marzullo Agency for booking podcast appearances!"

- Juli Geske-Peer

Shows we Booked

Here's a list of the shows we booked for Juli. These podcasts all rank within the top 10% of their category meaning they have a large audience and a great reputation in their niche.